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Your Skincare Ingredients Pt. 1

Stepping into a beauty shop, you will see all the skincare products are beautifully arranged on the shelves according to the key ingredient or function. For example, honey for moisturising or Vitamin C for brightening. With non-stop launching of new products and beauty trends emerge on social media, it can be quite difficult to follow… Continue reading Your Skincare Ingredients Pt. 1


Bali Travel & Essentials

About a month ago, I went to Bali with my family to attend my sister's wedding. It is my first time in Bali so I thought it will be good to share my experience and things I loved using throughout the trip. Bali Travel #1  Transport It is quite impossible to travel around Bali by… Continue reading Bali Travel & Essentials

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Strawberry Spring Makeup + Collaboration

Greetings! Today's post is something special as I am collaborating with Anabel who is a beauty blogger in America. After some discussion, we decided to do a spring makeup look and OOTD since it is finally spring. I know we do not have spring in Malaysia but I thought it would still be fun to… Continue reading Strawberry Spring Makeup + Collaboration

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[JOLSE] NAKEUP FACE One Night Cushion 14g

Hello, today I'll be reviewing the NAKEUP Face's One Night Cushion. They have previously launched two other cushions and this is their newest addition to their makeup line. Jolse was recruiting reviewers for this cushion and I got really excited when I found out I was chosen as a reveiwer together with other 39 participants.… Continue reading [JOLSE] NAKEUP FACE One Night Cushion 14g

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What are Chemical Exfoliators? Are They Good? (AHA, BHA & PHA)

You might have known that exfoliating your skin regularly with wash-off scrubs like sugar or tools such as sponges and cleansing brush is good for your skin but have you heard of AHA, BHA and PHA? Chemical exfoliation has been quite a hype nowadays as it promises results. Good results! They are now found in… Continue reading What are Chemical Exfoliators? Are They Good? (AHA, BHA & PHA)