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Kimchi Pancake Recipes Review

Kimchi lover anyone? I made a batch of kimchi around four weeks ago and I think this is the perfect age for making kimchi pancake or stew! It is not a sweet pancake like those American ones with butter and maple syrup. This is more of a savoury pancake. In Korean, kimchi pancake is called kimchi jeon (김치전) or kimchi buchimgae (김치부침개). It is a famous comfort food on a cold rainy day. Of course, the hot weather in Malaysia did not stop me from making some.


There are so many recipes you can find in Youtube or the internet and I chose three recipes to try. They are from:



This Youtube Channel is owned by a Korean couple named Daniel and Katie and I have been loving their videos. They make cooking so fun and their recipes seem easy to follow. Hence, I have chosen their kimchi jeon recipe which I got from their blog.



A food blog by Marc Matsumoto who is a private chef, TV host and food consultant. I found this website many years ago and always use his recipe for Kimchi Jjigae (kimchi stew) because it is that good! So, I decided to give his kimchi jeon recipe a try.



Another food blog by Julie Park who is a kimchi lover too! When I google crispy kimchi pancake, I saw her link and was intrigued by the secret ingredient in her kimchi pancake recipe which is… cold Sparkling water! So, I went extra and tried her recipe.

How I rate

For this review, I will compare and rate the pancake recipes by

  • the difficulty
  • flavour
  • texture (I prefer crispy more than chewy ones)
  • my parents’ palates
The Making of Kimchi Jeon


In all recipes, I added a teaspoon or so of Gochujang (korean red pepper paste) in my kimchi batter to give the pancakes an extra pop of red colour. For #1 and #2, I only made half of the recipe or else it will be too much for me and my parents. For #3, I used the full recipe because I wanted to make full use of the sparkling water as none of us drinks sparkling water. Here are the close ups of the batter for each recipe.




This batter is the driest among the three recipes and it is the only recipe that uses gochugaru (korean red pepper powder) and it does not require egg or starch.









The runniest batter among the three recipes as it uses egg and more water. The recipe requires pork belly but I opted it out. Another thing is the flour and potato starch ratio is 1:1. So you can guess the pancake will be quite chewy.

*Remember to stir the batter before putting it onto the hot pan.




IMG_1066This could have been the runniest batter as it requires 1 Cup of sparkling water but when I added the first half cup, I stopped there as I think it is enough. I also added extra kimchi as I think half cup of kimchi is too little for such a big recipe. Plus, this is the only recipe that uses ice cubes to make sure the batter stay cold for extra crispiness.

<– See the air bubbles from the sparkling water?Science…





Julie uses Seltzer water but I could not find one in Sibu so I used this sparkling water by Perrier instead.






Comparison of the kimchi batter side to side
The Results

Here are some pictures of the final products and a table for the ratings.








Difficulty Flavour Texture



Easy Good You get more kimchi bites



Easy Good Very chewy



Medium Nice aroma from the spring onions. Need more salt or kimchi Quite chewy


We have a clear winner and it is #1 by Future Neighbour! My parents and I think that all recipes are good be we prefer #1 as the texture was just right for us, you get kimchi in almost every bite and the extra heat from the gochugaru was pretty good.

#2 was nice but too chewy for our preferences. You will like this if you prefer chewy pancakes and maybe adding some pork belly will change the game.

#3 was more difficult because I felt that I had to act quick due to the sparkling water and ice cubes. The ice cubes were melting and maybe that was why the batter needed more salt. It also depends on the saltiness of your kimchi or if you are eating it with some dipping sauce. Besides, I doubt if the sparkling water idea worked as my pancake was not crispy. Perhaps something went wrong I do not know. Anyone wants to try and let me know? 😁

If you were to ask which recipe is the closest to the ones I had in Korea?

#1 but crispier and with more batter.

There you have it, homemade kimchi jeon! I know some recipes use Korean pancake mix called Buchim garu (부침가루) to give crispiness to the pancakes. However, it is hard to get in some places and it contains MSG and emulsifer which might not be a choice for some people. You can still get delicious kimchi jeon with just some basic ingredients 🙂

If you happened to try any of these recipes, do share and tag me in FB or instagram or leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading! ❤

Disclaimer: I am not a professional cook or food tester. This blogpost is not sponsored and all remarks are based on my honest personal opinions. I hold full copyrights of the images and content in this blog unless credited otherwise. 

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