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Buddies Trip to Penang and Langkawi Part 2

Langkawi Day 1

My buddies and I flew to Langkawi after our three-night stay in Penang. Checkout the previous blog here. In this trip, we did not take a lot of pictures of the food we ate but I hope you still find this blog helpful. We arrived at around 1430 and picked up our online reserved car straight away. It is recommended to rent a car in Langkawi as it is more convenient and cost friendly to travel around unless you are just planning to have a beach holiday. We reserved it online at this website before the trip just in case there is no 6-seater car available or the price increases if we book on the spot as it was the holdiay season. Grand Livina fitted all of us just nicely. If you have six people but more than two big luggages, then I would suggest you to rent a bigger car.

We checked into My Rainforest Chalet at Cenang, which we booked through The owner and staff are all very friendly. The room itself was alright even though it can be cleaner as it was quite dusty. I do not recommend to use the kettles provided. If you need drinking water, you can take some from the office where there is a hot and cold water dispenser. As we booked our accommodation only two weeks before we fly, we cannot complain much.


After some rest, we went to Coco Valley and The Zon Duty Free shops to look around. Langkawi is a duty-free place so getting some chocolates, alcohol, branded goods is a must. If you a Corelle fan like my mom, remember to get some as it is almost half of the market price. The sales advisor told me the price for Corelle is all the same throughout Langkawi so I just bought some at Coco Valley for my mom. They will also pack it properly for you into a box with papers for you. We also bought some snacks and light alcohols to enjoy at night at the chalet.

We then headed to Cenang beach by foot to chill and enjoy the breathtaking sunset view. Cenang beach is one of the crowded beaches in Langkawi. We also went looking around to see which water sports operator gives the best offer for water sports and island hopping. You can get their contact details if you would like to decide later.

Sunset view @ Cenang Beach
Capture our love over le sunset *cringe*

After chilling at the beach, we went back to the chalet to shower before heading out for dinner. For dinner, we had a simple one at Tomato Nasi Kandar. We saw some good comments online and it is #60 on Tripadvisor but it was in fact very disappointing. They did not have nasi kandar left so we tried some roti canai, pattaya fried rice and mee mamak. The meatless fried rice and roti canai was very bland and mee mamak was very salty. This reminded us not to be deceived with the comments and pictures in Tripadvisor. However, if you are on a low budget or hungry at midnight, this might be a good place for you.

Source: TripAdvisor

After the unsatisfying dinner, we went to a night market nearby (Temoyong village). Night markets in Langkawi are held every night but at different locations. On Thursdays, it is held in Cenang so we grabbed this opportunity to go and have a look. You can find many local delicacies at cheap price such as satays, apam balik, lekor, pisang goreng and also variety of fruits and drinks. I had some beef satays, which I personally find it not very good. My friend had freshly made Mango Juice which was not too bad to him. To know more about this night market and its schedule, click here.

Langkawi night market. Source:

After the night market, we returned to the chalet and chatted through the night with some snacks and light alcohol drinks. I do not really drink because of the alcohol smell, taste and what it will do to your health but I find Somersby’s apple cider and Sapporo beer are not too bad. Plus, they are very cheap in Langkawi which you pay almost one third of the standard market price out there.

Langkawi Day 2

Day 2 was quite an adventure for us. First, we had a heavy breakfast at a well-known Malaysian cafe restaurant called Old Town White Coffee located in Cenang Mall. We ordered their famous kaya butter toasts, Ipoh chicken hor fun, nasi lemak and of course, the signature white coffee. Although the shop seemed to be lacking of staff, waiting time was still okay, staff were friendly and the food was good. Some branches I know, serve not-so-warm soups and toast with stingy thin spread of butter 😦

Next, we went to a bakery opposite the road called The Loaf Bakery and Bistro to buy some buns for the car ride and lunch. They have good selection of food including croissant, scones, bagels and cheese pretzels. After that, we went off to Panaroma Langkawi for the Skycab and Sky Bridge.

Upon our arrival, it was drizzling and windy. The staff announced that the service for both was suspended due to the bad weather. We could really see the cable car swinging side to side mid air and we wondered if anyone got stuck in it… that would be very scary. We then decided to drive to Seven Wells waterfall first and hoped for a better weather.

There is a carpark available there where you will need to pay RM 2 only. A tip for those who wants to swim in the waterfall, wear your swim suit or trunk beforehand inside your clothes as the public toilet there is just too filthy to step into. My friend had to change in the car lol…

Top of the waterfall

It took us around half an hour to reach the top of the waterfall. Yes, it was around 600+ steps. There is a small platform or “half a bridge” for you to enjoy a breathtaking view, making all the exercise worth it. The air was fresh and the water was clear.

The small platform

Do be careful with the rocks as they are sharp and slippery.

Feeling the ice cold water

Next, we headed down to where the waterfall is. It is around halfway of the journey from beginning until the top. When we almost arrived, we saw a man running in the opposite way. Only did we know that he was actually running to ask for help as a girl was drowned. We could not see anything as it happened quite down below from the waterfall and everything was covered by trees and bushes. What we knew was there was already a group of people helping and doing CPR for the boy. My friend, Albert is a doctor so he and Lee Tong went down and see if they could help. It was actually quite scary just by looking them climbing down the steep rocks. Later on, we also saw a medical officer with a first aid kit went down to help as well.

After around 20 minutes, both of my friends climbed up and told us that the girl could not be saved as it was already past 30 minutes before she was found in the water. We later learned that she does not know how to swim. In fact, we checked online to find out that many accidents had actually happened at that waterfall before our visit. Visitors were either drowned or slipped to their death.

On the other side of the waterfall, we could see people playing in the water or swimming just like nothing had happened. We did not want to waste our trip here so we tried to chill and relax.



After the incident, we were being even more cautious for our safety. Only Albert and Lee Tong went for a swim as they are good in swimming. As for others, we just sat on rocks chatting and watching people playing in the water. Lesson learned was if you have any doubts or even just a slight tiny doubt of your ability, do not swim or even go into the water. Life is precious.

Around half an hour later, they got up from the water and we left the place. We did not forget about the cable car of course. Good thing that the sky was clearing up gradually.

When we arrived at Panaroma Langkawi, people were already lining up to buy tickets as the service continued. We bought a package to access Skycab, Skybridge, SkyDom, SkyRex and 3D Art.

View from the cable car
Ming Han braving the car ride as he has acrophobia *thumbs up*




There are three stations, Base, Middle and Top. Base is where you get onto the cable car. Middle is a stop for people to take pictures before boarding the cable car again to the Top. The top is where you access the Skybridge and Two viewing platforms (more climbing) to have a spectacular panoramic view of Langkawi.

Skybrige, the longest curved pedestrian bridge in the world at the peak of Mt. Matcincang
Transparent glass floor on Skybridge
A view of the entire Skybridge from the Platform

Do expect to spend more than two hours for the rides and on the bridge.

After SkyCab and Skybrige, we visited the rest of the activities in the package. SkyRex is where you put on 3D glasses and sitting on a ride to have a “Jurassic Park” experience. Skydome was rather boring as it was just a 360 degree of 3D projections of images. Most of us got mild headache after that.

Our last stop was the 3D Art Room where took quite a few of pictures.

After a long day, we went back to Cenang to rest and have dinner. It was Winter Solstice so we decided to treat ourself… seafood! We read good review of this restaurant called Orchid Ria so we just went with it. Again, I think we were too tired and hungry so we did not take any pictures of the food 😦 I did manage to capture this crab dish though.


We also ordered steamed fish Teochew style, deep fried squid, butterfly prawns and lemon chicken. Despite the long waiting time, the food and customer service was pretty good for the price.

After dinner, we went back straight to the chalet to rest and mingle with more beer and snacks. It was going to be another early morning for the next whole day of Island hopping and water sports!

Langkawi Day 3

Day 3! Despite being very tired and sleepy, we woke up super early for our island hopping adventure. I remember it was raining cats and dogs so we thought it was cancelled but nope… we called the operator and he said he is coming to pick us up at 830am. This service was included in the fee which was pretty good for the price (RM35 pp) as we did not have to find our way to the location.

Upon arrival, we saw many people has gathered there waiting the rest to arrive. After waiting for around 20 minutes, finally, we hopped into a speed boat together with a family of 3. Plus, it was getting sunny as the rain eased. You can hire a private boat if you want but I assume there will be an extra fee.

Early morning Island Hopping Tour

Our first stop was Pulau Dayang Bunting, the Island of the pregnant woman. It is part of UNESCO World Heritage Geopark. Why its name? In this picture, you can actually see the mountains or hills forming a shape of a pregnant lady lying on her back. It is also about a legend where a couple fell in love and had a son but the son died soon after. They then laid the body in the lake. Click here to read more about the legend.

Pulau Dayang Bunting (view from outside of the lake)

There is also a fresh water lake called the Lake of Pregnant Woman which is surrounded by hills and dense rainforest. One interesting fact of this lake is that it is attached to the sea but separated by only a thin lines of small rocks.

Entrance of the Lake of Pregnant woman

You will have to climb a pathway from the entrance to the lake where there are monkeys lurking at you to see if you carry any food packets. They are harmless but be careful as my friend’s food packet almost got snatched away. Haha…

We paid extra to rent a kayak and paddled around the lake which was quite fun. You can swim in the lake too. If you are not confident, you can rent a life jacket.

Lake of the Pregnant Woman

After spending around 45 minutes there, we went to our second stop which is Pulau Singa Besar or Island of Big lions. Although there are no lions, you can see tonnes of white eagles. It is their habitat. They gave a “show” where they threw chicken skins into the sea to lure the eagles. Eagles were hovering around the sky and would dive down for food with a swoop. The boatman did point to the island and ask us to spot the eagles. It was not very clear due to the weather but we could see uncountable white objects on the trees.

After spending around 15 mintues there, the boatman took us to our final island, Pulau Beras Basah. Here, it is great for swimming, sunbathing and picnicking. It is known for the clear blue water but I heard it is not as great as before anymore. There are no changing rooms or washrooms so do come wearing swimsuits inside and carry towels if you plan to swim. We swam and relax for around 30 mins before heading back to Cenang. Overall, it was fun and great experience to visit these gems in Malaysia. Definitely recommended to all those who are going to Langkawi for holiday.

Pulau Beras Basah

After the tour, we showered and rested for quite a while at the chalet. Then, we went to Cenang beach again to play some water sports. We rented a jet ski which was around RM60 per hour. There were some rules we had to follow so that accidents would not happen which we will be fined at least RM 1000. It was everyone’s first time jet skiing so we were being careful. Nevertheless, it was very exciting and fun! I would definitely try again in the future.

We also played banana boat which was my first ever experience. We paid RM 10 per person to the same dealer. It is cheaper if you play more using the same dealer. So basically, five people will be sitting on a long buoyant shaped like a banana and the instructor will “pull” the banana boat by riding a jet ski in front. When the instructor gave you a sign, everyone has to let go their hands and the force will throw everyone into the water. I was pranked by my buddies to sit at the very front and oh my… my hands were slipping and I thought I was going to be thrown into the deep sea. It was terrifying for my first experience and I do not really know how to swim. But we all did have a blast and something to laugh about as we sort of sandwiched one another when bodies hit the water. One of us had some bruises on the face as it hit my hard-rock head. Haha… It is an exciting but dangerous game to be honest. Just HOLD ON TIGHTLY until you are told to let go!

After a long tiring fun day, guess what we had for our last dinner!

Their taro pie, limited time only

McD!!! Nothing special I know but it was near and we could not be bothered anymore to think of where to dine. Plus, McD will not disappoint you. For the rest of the night, we did some packing and had more beer and pillow talks.

Langkawi Day 4

It’s our last day… in Langkawi and also for the entire trip.

We drove to another town in Langkawi named Kuah to have brunch at Arts Cafe. We love the interior design that makes the cafe very cosy. They have great menu selection of both Western and Asian cuisine. Overall, we think the food was good for the price except the seafood pasta which to us was quite bland.

Can see the girls were still in holiday mood…
WhatsApp Image 2017-12-25 at 17.54.58
Nasi Ulam @ Arts Cafe, Langkawi

After brunch, we had our duty free shopping at some of the shops nearby. Famous ones in Kuah are aL-ikhsaN (sportswear),  Haji Ismail and Eastern Native Duty Free Shop. Click here for more. If you have time, you can survey and compare the prices for the items at different shops as we found out some items have around RM 3 to 5 differences.

Next, we visited the monument of Langkawi which is called the Eagle Square at Dataran Lang. It has actually quite a nice view there as the Eagle statue is by the waterfront with backdrops of mountains. There is also a jetty nearby so you can actually see ferries arriving or departing across the bay. Visitors can also come to Langkawi from Penang by ferry. I think the ticket price is around RM 60.


After taking some pictures, we drove back to Cenang to get our luggages, dropped the car at the airport and flew to Kuala Lumpur.

It was such an awesome trip as both Penang and Langkawi have really opened my eyes how beautiful and unique my country is. I would definitely go back to these places again in the future. Most of all, what makes this trip more meaningful and fun is to travel with this buddies of mine. I am so glad that we made this trip happened and blessed to travel with them after so many years. We know each other so much more after all the plannings, discussion, little misunderstandings, being in the same room for 7 days, late night pillow talks and many more. Cheers to our friendship and to more memorable times together!





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